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Cap Pas Cap's debut album, 'Haunted Light' is finished and ready for release, November 2010.

"Dublin's Cap Pas Cap are an enigmatic and mysterious band. They are one of the best Irish bands around. Problem is, they are rarely around. The rarely play gigs and rarely release any music. Whether this is due to writer's block, other band commitments or simple laziness, I don't know.

It is a great pity though, as in their limited numbers of releases, they have shown great originality and song writing in a number of different styles.

In a seemingly effortless way, they have released an EP 'Not Not Is Fine' which showed a mastery of krautrock-influenced new wave, and judicious use of cowbell. They returned with the fantastic electro-rock EP 'We Are Men'. The problem is that the former was released in 2006 and the latter in November 2008.

The 12" featured fantastic remixes by Jape, Decal, and thatboytim. The excellent video was the winner of Best Production/Special Effects Video at the Irish Music Television Awards 2009. Their long, long awaited debut album was originally penciled in for late 2009 but is now due out this summer.

They released their two EPs on the excellent Dublin label Skinny Wolves, home to luminaries such as Telepathe, Indian Jewelry and Effi Briest. Their other release was a split 7" with guitar heroine Marnie Stern, which was released on the Hidden Hive label." - CORK Independent

"Edgy, daring and sparky, Dublin band Cap Pas Cap play a hugely alluring post-everything game. There has only been a handful of releases to date, but each one has seen them pulling new shapes from the bag. Their best moment to date was last year’s hypnotic and spacey We Are Men single on the Skinny Wolves label, a pointer to the new-wave-no-wave-what-wave terrain they’re calling their own. Cap Pas Cap’s debut album should be one of this year’s highlights." - Irish Times, Jim Carroll

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